• Maplace.js,plugin for google map

    Maplace.js is a plugin based on jQuery, mainly for their own integration google map map on the website, if you are tired of the view google map api (V3), you can try to use the plug-in, it can easily be integrated into the google map to your site and provide a lot of very used functions. Such as support for tagging, menu navigation display, different Tab pages...阅读全文
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  • Cesium,WebGL mapping engine

    Just read the news come forward to say IE11 will fully support WebGL, WebGL will appear after both pc \ mobile \ pad and other circumstances related graphics program to achieve a good choice. And today introduced the Cesium is a javascript-based foreign webgl prepared using a map engine.   Cesium support 3D, 2D, 2.5D form of the map display, you can draw...阅读全文
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  • Could not get a reference to class from Swiz

    Make sure you’re actually dispatching the event somewhere in your code. If you aren’t, then the event isn’t included when the application is compiled. Since it never gets included, Swiz cannot get a reference to it when the application runs. 阅读全文
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  • OSM Buildings print 3d building on map

    The OSM Buildings is a js library for similar google map on a three-dimensional effect diagram, the library Leaflet map engine, three-dimensional realization of use HTML5 Canvas 2D achieve, you need to provide their own the corresponding building plans geographic data (OSM Get),effect still looks pretty good, that is, three-dimensional building data is difficu...阅读全文
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  • Python Scripting for ArcGIS

    Python Scripting for ArcGIS
    Period of time did not work, so it has not been updated website. Internet and looked at the news, see the new book of Python for ArcGIS Although expensive, a little outrageous, 80 knives, Amazon have 50 knives, but to see the introduction for the related the ArcGIS base and data processing flow experience, so it should be belong to a relatively high degree of ...阅读全文
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  • qq oauth2.0 login with python

    qq oauth2.0 login with python
    Website lvtumap.com combined social needs, and want to have now microblogging users can login, then first consider the Sina microblogging Liao Xuefeng written in Python python Client SDK for sina weibo API OAuth2.0. So use Sina microblogging log in and send microblogging and so normal. But when on-line only found no record domain name is rare to audit by espec...阅读全文
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  • lvtumap.com

    Period of time did not update the blog more things at home, and has recently been prepared to Donkey Figure (lvtumap.com) to rewrite the original Donkey Figure mainly provide google some interesting satellite images after because the moonlight Forumthings, it was always how maintenance and termination of the run to the final, but still kept with the domain nam...阅读全文
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  • OpenGeoDa-a free geospatial analysis and computation

     GeoDa is a free software program that serves as an introduction to spatial data analysis. OpenGeoDa is the cross-platform, open source version that runs on different versions of Windows (including XP, Vista and 7), Mac OS, and Linux. The GeoDa Is not ArcGIS spatial analysis but also a good choice, main features include the following: 1、data input and output...阅读全文
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  • build httpserver with python -SimpleHTTPServer

    build httpserver with python -SimpleHTTPServer
    As a developer, we often need to be downloaded from the Internet related SDK and some demo related learning and demonstration, and then slowly write your own. Downloaded the demo and learn information directly through IE browser to open, will find a bunch of errors and BUG not operate properly, you need to put IIS or Tomcat inside to run properly. But if it is...阅读全文
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  • Django base template need to save with utf8-no-BOM format

    Django uses the template development, normal html page displayed normally no problem, but using the base template + extends the template appears strange phenomenon, IE display is not normal, the tail more “EY” character, although the view the source code are consistent; chrome in the head of many a row to the other view elements, all head content t...阅读全文
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