Software to edit login background picture on win7

A day looking at that will never change the win7 login interface, it is seen visual fatigue,the ability to switch into the other like the background image is not good from the Internet search found a man named Windows 7 Logon, the Background Changerfree software to make good. Download on the website, interested in you can click here todownload.


1、download the software ,run Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.exe。

2、you’ll see the ui。

3、Select the need to own landed background picture, you can preview below to the effect, if you like the beautiful pictures in another folder, click on the upper right corner. Choose a folder to browse the images directory you want to view, and then choose.

4、Determine the finished pictures to show, click Apply. If the user Account control will pop up a confirmation box, just click OK. Software will deal with their own background image

5、After the success of directly press Win + L key into the lock screen, wow ha ha, the new login screen out ~

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