HTML5 Canvas Improve High Performing GIS Map Visualization in Web Browsers

Traditional GIS technology model, the server produce raster images, the client request to get the picture and display technology to improve the user experience and mobile application demand is no longer able to meet everyone’s needs. Cut 18 slices of the whole of China and with the data update frequency increased time-consuming, sliced ​​very depressed people (the last in the ordinary a pc running a month later, I gave up …), so with HTML5 technology is hot, and perhaps be able to GIS onto a higher degree of user.

In HTML5, we do not need to render and then shp file to generate raster image jpg, png, vector rendering directly in the client, the user can edit the data, click on the interactive, real-time rendering, moved to the functionality of desktop GIS on the web. In addition, HTML5 vector rendering can be superimposed to an existing like the google the map, bing on the map the map to create a new map interactive mode without having to install additional controls, although like silverlight, flex can be achieved.

Overall HTML5 can for GIS the following benefits:

1, browsers, mobile phones, PC to obtain a better user experience.

2, vector rendering, improve the effect of plot

3, the dynamic rendering of large data can be of the order of geographic data

4, such as GPU-accelerated rapidly improve drawing efficiency, they do not prepare cache

5, reducing the amount of storage of geographic data slice, not a lot of G slice data

6, the geographic data can be interactive, the canvas provides a lot of interaction events

7, can be achieved based on HTML5 offline program, and to achieve a lot of functionality on the desktop GIS, real-time with map drawing, modify, and thematic maps.

8, the most important thing is you can run on more platforms.

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