GIS js framework of the jQuery of Geo

In addition to the google map api outside, there are many very good GIS the js mapframework, and the number of frameworks have started a new technology, includinghtml5 and mobile applications. Following the jQuery of Geo is one of them.

Jquery of Geo has just released a new version of the Alpha 4 is mainly optimized formobile bugs, and provides more mode to measure the distance area, another to add tofor html5 label is the css, and fixes many bugs.

The following is the main function of Jquery of Geo:

One can load map data and related operations on the map.

Can map data from the area measurement, the smallest rectangular range calculation,the surface features intersect, drawing and other functions. (Simple function)

3, to provide for the adaptation of mobile can provide a good experience on the phone.

4, support the open source the map server, including the like openstreemap (OSM),supports WMS services, the services provided by ESRI ArcGIS.

5, open source, based on jquery plug-ins to achieve

Jquery of Geo The best thing is that the document is very detailed in its official website tosee a detailed description. The following address:

Interested can refer to try.

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