• TileMill-a nice map maker

    Perhaps you have not heard of TileMill, but should also have understood Mapbox in it. Mapbox abroad very good map making and sharing a website, while TileMill they use open source software produced by a cartography and map publishing software. Foreign foursquare, slate, etc. also have to use the online map services they provide. Map slices services not only on...阅读全文
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  • picture geocoding

    Play google street, google in the street has provided a picture to match the display, such as when the street into a tourist attraction, it will display related tourists took pictures, the information will automatically match the picture and click paste Figure buildings to the street, so you can see the different visitors at different time points, different sh...阅读全文
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  • use sina sae for python

    Sina launched Sina the App Engine for some time, but php, php is not very familiar with, have not been to take a closer look. See the python support for the closed beta for some time before, and looked at to support python library is also very comprehensive, applied for a closed beta, I did not expect after a week give me a mail, you can use the python version...阅读全文
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  • python development on GIS

    python development on GIS
    record the GIS related python libraries on GIS and related software : Lib and Libraries GDAL/OGR Python bindings shapely pyproj Fiona QGIS geopy geodjango MapFish owslib MapServer Mapnik IDE gedit vi ipython PyCharm Python REST Tastypiesite Django pistonsite Django REST frameworksite, REST interfacesite, REST APIsite Webpysite lazr.restfulsite TurboGears...阅读全文
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  • mongodb non-normal shutdown can not start up

    Morning server is not clear why suddenly restart, after the restart, the mongodb actually did not start up normally, immediately view log results to find the non-normal shutdown have led the mongodb some files did not write, resulting in the formation of the relevant lock. Looked at the official document, it should be no problem, enter: the mongodb - repair, a...阅读全文
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  • The PostGIS 2.0 new release

    The PostGIS 2.0 new release
    The PostGIS 2.0 version is finally released for some time, although has not been a good time to see the first update, but it probably looked very excited. PostGIS is an open source product, but contrast, although no the ArcSDE mature, open source productsshould be considered the boss in the GIS database. OpenStreetMap, CloudMap, foreignpeople to engage in geog...阅读全文
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  • wp-postviews-plus small tool support qtranslate

    wp-postviews-plus small tool support qtranslate
    I use wordpress wp-postviews-plus to make access to the statistics of the number ofTaiwanese friends to write, is still very good for users or robots, respectively, statisticsand another to use the ajax way, even with the cachewill not affect its display. wordpressbackground detail settings not described in detail. Major update to say the comment system, so in...阅读全文
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  • Possible Data Sources in Apple’s iOS Map

    According to credible sources, Apple is on the subsequent development of iOS6 focus will be to build a complete map of the internal application to see on the website fromabroad. Apple will give up as the background of the map program data from 2007support has been. More choices OSM, the LeadDog or other data sources, in iPhotoprocedures, we might be able to se...阅读全文
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