the django piston to achieve oauth validation

Spent a few days to research django oauth validation, and then the piston itself has already been started to provide support for oauth. However, the official onlinedocumentation so a handful to a few oauth, nor a complete example, it did not knowwhere to start. The Internet also google search it, there is no particularly good example, they found this

This is oauth django-norel version and the piston-based implementation, download it to test it, and found that there are some problems oauth version 1.0 instead of 2.0. Alsorunning the prompt enter the pin, in fact, the page not corresponding tothe pin a chaotic input can also be carried out to the following operations. Down throughthe the verified access_token saved directly through the code to client = oauth.Client The(consumer, access_token), and then call the corresponding need to verify that the restapi is prompted not certified, and prompted an “Invalid signature. Expected signaturebase string: .. toss .. ”. about to give up after a long time, or to use a commonauthentication and session to achieve the management of permissions. If you have good documentation or examples about oauth draw trouble recommendation, thank you.

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