MobilyMap,the js framework of GIS

MobilyMap is worth recommending a map based on jquery plug-in, that a picture like google map, you can freely drag, and placed PopUp content, tips, is a very good production of a plug-in of the online map. Do not have to make the map data, they do not understand the relevant geographic knowledge, as long as there is a need to release the pictures, a few lines of code, you can create a similar google map online map interface.

Place the map page is also very simple, you need the following few lines of code, the class point is the need to place the plotted points, the contents of the div which needs prompt.

<div class="map">

<img src="path_to_image" alt="caption" width="image_width" height="image_height" />
<div id="p-900-130" class="point"></div>

Of interest of you can go to its Web site to see:

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