free gis map data collection – continuously updated

Organize free GIS geographic data sources, and easily find it later. Own limited resources, and message out share (ps: to be free, does not involve security classification)

1, the ESRI Free the Data (mainly for the online service, base maps and images):

2, Natural Earth, (1:10 m, 1:50 m, 1:110 m vector and raster map):

3, eMapZone (domestic high-German cooperation, map services, but require customers of esri):

4, the world map (googlemap-like slice, I feel needs to be improved on the map appearance and function, but the National Geographic Information Council, part of the official): . jsp

5, google map (needless to say):

6, the Open Stree Map (with Facebook also began to favor it for free, a lot of volunteers to be updated to maintain the small parts of the data than the other google comprehensive)

, Baidu map (mobile, web js version version online map show is still very good, and the other end of the phone line map package, reducing phone traffic)

8, the Bing Map (map of Microsoft sensory map with a map is very good.) Http://

9, GeoCommon (strongly recommended, you can realize the sharing of geographic data, and to achieve the online mapping, and do the effect is still very good)

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