Geocoding and anti-coding ,YQL Geo Library

YQL of Geo Library is a free geocoding and geographic anti-coding js library, and google is similar, but provide a good interface and use. And it is a collection of many api interface, include the following:

This js library, we can easily use these interfaces, geocoding, is also very simple to use,the syntax is:

yqlgeo.get (what, callback)

The main support geocoding and other features are as follows:

(1) to obtain the latitude and longitude information via text

(2) access to geographic latitude and longitude information text description

(3) according to the url address for the geographic text description

(4) the geographical latitude and longitude and a description of information obtainedthrough the ip address

(5) through the W3C geolocation APIs (HTML5 support), geographic location and textdescription.

Encoded using yahoo, there was still no google accurate Also looks like the support is not high.

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