Html5 dynamic wind map

Just saw this map, I really bit of a shock, really quite shocking. See the map of the flow direction of the upper hand, and different wind speed thematic display, really lamentingHtml5 really can replace flash. Efficiency in the browser is very good, and the map showthe flow of wind speed lines should also have more than several thousand, but theanimation is not card. Also to achieve the amplification of the map, the place names ofplotting to query display and mouse movement data. Looked at the source code, are basically css3 + html5 + the javascript, mainly the canvas applications. Time to carefully study its code, the other author’s coding style is very good, the related animation, coordinate projection and so on package looks very comfortable. Can have time to makethe show a Html5 map page to try to show some large amount of data to see how it came into contact with contact Html5 development. the wind site:

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Html5 dynamic wind map:等您坐沙发呢!