Android procedures the ProGuard confusion and signature release

Write Android applications submitted for review, and have to start preparing to release before submitting it, or else do not sign someone else can pretend not to, and the other also need consider proguard the confusion, and reduce the file size. Default android sdk has been provided on the signature tool, right on the project, Eclipse android tools -> Export Signed the Application Package …. Follow-up is to establish key and export the signature process is very simple, all the way in accordance with the operating go on, the primary records of several ProGuard confusion attention problems.

Need to the ProGuard confuse the need for several steps:

(1) the add:

proguard.config = proguard.cfg

(2) in proguard.cfg in set (by default the file has been generated, there is a need when the need to add rules set)

(3) the android tools export signature

Encountered several problems, the record:

A third-party jar files confusion

(1) add-libraryjars label, on behalf of third-party jar files. Such as:-libraryjars lib / wmqtt.jar

(2) add a label-keep, class of third-party package which is set to confusion, such as:-keep class ** {*;}

(3) When in the export, found that many could not the reference the class sort of warning if to confirm the actual system operation and those references no problem, you can add the-dontwarn label will no longer be prompted to follow-up package warning. Such as :-dontwarn org.apache. **

(4) try not to write all ignore all warn that label, so you can own the console output of information for further adjustment.

2, on the the webview registered JavaScriptInterface call java class methods need not to confuse

In the confusion after the machine running webview method has been unable to call, decompile java class has been confusion. Such as calling the following:

String load = "javascript: window.JSMethod.getPin ('<head>' + document.getElementsByTagName ('html') [0]. InnerHTML + '</ head>')";

In fact getPin method has been confusion as a, or the like. So it is necessary that the method set-keep. Another if written like this:

-Keep class yourpack.JavaScriptInterface

This is not enough, inside the method will still be confused with out the need to specify in detail the corresponding method name and parameters, we should pay attention to is the full path name.

-Keep class yourpack.JavaScriptInterface {

public void getPin (java.lang.String);

Re-signature export, decompile, we can see this method in the class are not confused, while the other variables inside the class has been confused.

More detailed proguard document can Quguan network view.

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