The PostGIS 2.0 new release

The PostGIS 2.0 version is finally released for some time, although has not been a good time to see the first update, but it probably looked very excited. PostGIS is an open source product, but contrast, although no the ArcSDE mature, open source productsshould be considered the boss in the GIS database. OpenStreetMap, CloudMap, foreignpeople to engage in geographic information are basically very familiar with PostGIS’s.Here take a look at the new content:

1, and raster data storage and analysis of raster / vector data in the database

2, topology model to deal with the shared boundary object

3, the PostgreSQL of the typmod integrated of a automagical GEOMETRY_COLUMNSTable 3

4,3 D, 4D index creation

5, index-based high-performance neighbor search

6, add more raster analysis functions:

  • ST_Split
  • ST_Node
  • ST_MakeValid
  • ST_OffsetCurve
  • ST_ConcaveHull
  • ST_AsX3D
  • ST_GeomFromGeoJSON
  • ST_3DDistance

7, PostgreSQL9.1 extension system integration

To improve the shapefile import and export command

9, shapefiles the GUI supports multi-file import

10, shapefiles the GUI support the export of multi-table

11, a geocoding data based on U.S. Census TIGER (2010) (feeling this is not particularlyuseful, not as direct Geocode service to use google, yahoo, etc.)

Downloaded the PostGIS 2.0, no matter how fun this excellent geographical information database. (Need PostgreSQL support)

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