The IPython notebook packaging generated portability available environment

IPython in this year’s PyCon Conference has excited a lot of Python developers methodattribute automatically prompts the appearance of the IDE, documentation, etc. so that everyone shines, especially ipython notebook development environment in the development process in the browserin writing, and display the results of related imagesrun directly in the interface, so toss the afternoon ready to build the IPython environment.

1、first install the python-pip, virtualenv.

2、virtualenv to create a virtual python directory

3、 in the script directory to run activite.bat to enter the virtual python directory

4, run the following script directory, install ipython and the tornado (dependent libraries):

pip install
pip the install the tornado
5、pyzmq installation, this gives me a headache for a long time, did not compile on Ubuntu has been in the past, the windows, the whole past. The last run directly on the windows-py2.7 version to install. Zmq and the corresponding egg-info copied to thevirtual directory under the Lib / site-the packages

6、so run the the ipython notebook, to start ipython environment.

7、using a virtual directory in order to use graphics library Mahotas, also installed a long time, they are still not properly installed, including the emergence of several common errors, including not install MinGW does not compile another installed MinGW and thencan not find the Python. h, is unpleasant, or directly to the final installation of the python2.7then download Mahotas.py2.7.exe to be installed (, and then copy the corresponding file folder and egg-info to thevirtual environment corresponding site-packages get from the site-packages.

8, find online, other people have to lay the package available for download andexecution bat script, which has provided a NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, the pandas library,you can directly download it to ipython environment. Recommended! Address:

IPython trial record, get Photo:

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