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Play google street, google in the street has provided a picture to match the display, such as when the street into a tourist attraction, it will display related tourists took pictures, the information will automatically match the picture and click paste Figure buildings to the street, so you can see the different visitors at different time points, different shooting angles, so that we can feel the different scenery. From a technical point, shoot a picture of itself, visitors should have to provide information related to latitude and longitude information exists in the photo, and then pictures can be loaded within the current range in the street, and then added to the map also fail to realize google the effect pictures and streetscape picture identification, to match the tourists took pictures content with the surrounding buildings, match on the picture calibration and 3-dimensional adjustment to match the pictures to the corresponding buildings. Thus very unique and truly show the pictures we shot.

From the google match their picture with the actual building of the match has been very accurate. From the latitude and longitude -> picture of the geography of anti-coding process is not much of a problem, google, the flickr so provides a picture of the interface around the query based on latitude and longitude information, you can easily query to the picture of the surrounding original long ago wrote an application using the google pictures interface can be based on the current query within the scope of the map all users to upload pictures, especially like the map into Hawaii, the beauty of the shot look at the people around the world, is indeed very good . But the geocoding corresponds to the anti-geocoding this should unanimously have not done abroad, and some have been on different colors picture search for image search pictures, it seems, has not been through the picture encoding of latitude and longitude see the google a few days ago talked about a visual analysis of the project, Google Goggles, the project is to identify different picture, and then searching. It Curry, the identification of many types, but there are many not be fully realized, including Logo, animals and plants, but many of the buildings, the human face can be a good identification, specific Quguan online to download try this app, The feeling is still very good. If google is willing to do so, they now have a picture library and identify the images to geographic coding should be better implemented, do not know when they will achieve this. If you have time, will try to achieve under this, if this can be achieved, should be on everyone’s life is very handy, we can know the exact location through a picture, instead of that obscure the latitude and longitude. It on the map display can be dragged into the picture, it will automatically locate the corresponding position, which should give us with a lot of convenience. Specific technical studies, the results came alive again we look at.

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