HiMap — based Html5 GIS Design and Implementation

Since the last time I saw the wind diagram written by foreigners, really want to take the time to write about HTML5 above the map GIS applications, and therefore so have to write HiMap the idea. Before understanding to build a simple GIS platform based on silverlight. The data layer using the sqlserver spatial vector data storage and related space analysis query logic layer database query to get through the current field of view corresponding to the various layers of geographic data, the UI layer through silverlight graphics rendering. Such a simple GIS platform. Html5′s hot and smart phones everywhere across different browsing and equipment operation Html5 gradually will become mainstream, flex, silverlight and other rich clients in the enterprise-class applications and for some time now, will still the dominant . But to have a mobile terminal at any time, and can Offline View map data Html5 platform may bring us more convenience.

The following is my main idea:

  • Data layer: Offline to provide geojson, or by accessing the server through the the postgis storage vector file, and then real-time access to the surface features corresponding to the current range of returned to the client and generate geojson file.
  • The logic layer: completely original raw javascript, including map projection and map vector dynamic rendering, geojson resolution, plotted.
  • Presentation layer: the UI based on the HTML5 + css3. Map drawing canvas based plotting to use css3.


HiMap is a simple map data platform to display the main run of the large amount of data not considered in detail, for the time being only for the current vision data to draw, so slightly can improve performance. Data unified use geojson the read, to parse and then drawn through the canvas. The effect of drawing should be good. Now about to complete based GIS functionality, including zoom in, zoom, pan, zoom down box, pull box narrow layers Add removal, there are a lot of features need to improve, will slowly get up.

Project Portal: http://www.higis.org/himap/

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