compiler javascript with python

The compiler is an optimized JavaScript jar package, it will parse your javascript and analyzed, removed some obsolete code from the google, and existing code variables to adjust for short variable, reducing the javascript codevolume. Also check syntax, reference code and prompt. The tool have to use gmail, google maps, google docs. Is a very good tool for checking code can be optimized, but also when an obfuscation tool to use.

Specific use of parameters is very simple, including the source js file, the output js file, a detailed reference to their official website home page.

Below to write a python script to facilitate calls compression optimization, source file to be compressed, build compressed files are stored:

import os
source = 'D:\higis_min\higis_1.0_min.js'
build = 'D:\higis_min\higis_1.0_min_last.js'
header = '// higis_1.0_min.js -\n'

os.system( 'java -jar compiler/compiler.jar --language_in=ECMASCRIPT5 --js ' + source + ' --js_output_file ' + build )

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