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Recently saw a new js map framework jVectorMap, is also based on the jQuery plug-ins. Support essentially all browsers, including IE6 ~ 8, In addition to its map data is based on svg vector display, so there is considerable high, users can zoom in on the map to narrow the prompt display, plotting points and other interactive features framework, or a good online map display. In addition caring is they also provide different countries, Global and part of the city svg data download, and if need their own to create the map data, then, can Adobe li conduct drawing and everywhere svg carried out show, the other if there is a professional GIS data they also provide the corresponding python script to  conversion the shape file, so you can easily load your geographic data and demonstrate very good, worth recommending.




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    您对这个插件进行深入研究了吗?有些问题想交流下,我qq 861616966

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