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Recently see a lot on the development of geographic information industry, a number of articles, mostly about the GIS industry in decline some complaints, but look at the domestic GIS listed the SuperMap the first half earnings visibility some clues. News we can see that the government in advocating the geographic information industry’s golden era, including “smart city” Beidou navigation, but in fact as a traditional GIS workers, GIS has been the main source of customers are money department of government, academic, banking, insurance and other countries, a high dependence, so that when the social environment of economic downturn, the traditional GIS will inevitably lose a lot of market and project source, a result of corporate profits in every industry chain poor live, began to complain. With the popularity of GIS and technology development, more Internet companies will be involved in and taking a lot of original traditional GIS related to business (google map / earth, Baidu map, etc.), including map display, publish, route inquiry, but also because of their technical advantages than the traditional GIS industry can do a more professional and practical degree of the user experience better, so that many users can not understand GIS can be a good practical map. Many, not too much of a professional GIS needs of customers turn to them mushup system builders, and thus also from the bowl of the traditional GIS workers hired away a cheese. The current social environment of GIS as one involving the confidentiality of the industry, very often are subject to restrictions, running in the network, including the only face-saving projects, which also led to a lack of competition, good and do bad no one know, many also have never used, and thus the whole environment can not be more innovation and development. On the outside, although LBS very hot, but it has not been too many models out, I think the more reason is the conservative of the social environment, such a pretty hand-drawn map expression patterns on the web by others welcome, but the Bureau of Surveying and Mapping will warn you, fine you money, or on the Focus like moonlight forum directly classified under socialism with Chinese characteristics, with the guarantee of national security, but a conservative limit the pace of progress. And LBS does not take sides, but I want to say is more reasonable to open the relevant environment, I believe more people are willing to try, rather than discourage.

As the future of traditional GIS workers, we may need more focus on our GIS professional industry characteristics, and other related industries are more closely integrated, doing more in-depth and more professional, this may be our future direction. The only way to pull up the threshold, so that people from outside to see the GIS is how inscrutable, see also can not read inside the professional GIS features (slope analysis, watershed extraction, the address is located, the path analysis, overlay analysis, three-dimensional display of the DEM..) in silent running. Environment of the same, we only changed, become more professional, in a more simple, and not because of the constant of the environment, and let the GIS become a backwater.

As the development of Internet GIS, I am optimistic about the data mining of large amounts of data based on GIS, always wanted to do on the Internet point of the map, but has not been a good idea to do, when it comes to map the Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of a legal dispel a. But through GIS as a technical means to a large data mining, I believe it will be a good direction, I also hope that based on this above point above on the Internet.


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