• build httpserver with python -SimpleHTTPServer

    build httpserver with python -SimpleHTTPServer
    As a developer, we often need to be downloaded from the Internet related SDK and some demo related learning and demonstration, and then slowly write your own. Downloaded the demo and learn information directly through IE browser to open, will find a bunch of errors and BUG not operate properly, you need to put IIS or Tomcat inside to run properly. But if it is...阅读全文
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  • Django base template need to save with utf8-no-BOM format

    Django uses the template development, normal html page displayed normally no problem, but using the base template + extends the template appears strange phenomenon, IE display is not normal, the tail more “EY” character, although the view the source code are consistent; chrome in the head of many a row to the other view elements, all head content t...阅读全文
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  • World Wonders Project for history lesson

    Google “World Wonders Project” is a platform for the world heritage of the modern and the ancient world of online. Google’s Street View technology, 3 d modeling, photos, video and in-depth information, you can from your classroom to explore the wealth of the world. There are many interesting location can be used to explore the site, including...阅读全文
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  • 80% infomation do not has a gis infomation?

    80% infomation do not has a gis infomation?
    From the university textbooks, the book is mentioned 80% of the world’s information contain relevant position information, this lets just contact GIS we feel this is how deep a discipline, so a large number of data volume and GIS relevant. From now on and others introduction up and learn professional, have to mention the world how many information and we...阅读全文
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