World Wonders Project for history lesson

Google “World Wonders Project” is a platform for the world heritage of the modern and the ancient world of online. Google’s Street View technology, 3 d modeling, photos, video and in-depth information, you can from your classroom to explore the wealth of the world. There are many interesting location can be used to explore the site, including the Bank of the Seine, Paris Yosemite National Park in the United States and the Dorset and East Devon Coast. View location can help your students to imagine and understand the significance of the historical heritage, and their study subjects.

Google also offers three free and easy-to-use geographic resources provide download site is designed to support teachers in geography in a fun, fascinating and inspiring way. World wonders project website in Google in the classroom, you can see clear resources, good structure, from which we can provide a more practical ideas. The recommended location learning can be found in which the significance of the actual use.


ps: No any historic sites and other information on the above, the rest of the world is not particularly large, but the structure of the project is really quite good, containing relevant streetscape plans, description, photos, video, and allows students to actually sensory learning, experiential learning history from different aspects and dimensions.



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