OpenGeoDa-a free geospatial analysis and computation

 GeoDa is a free software program that serves as an introduction to spatial data analysis. OpenGeoDa is the cross-platform, open source version that runs on different versions of Windows (including XP, Vista and 7), Mac OS, and Linux.

The GeoDa Is not ArcGIS spatial analysis but also a good choice, main features include the following:

  • 1、data input and output (read shape files generated map to the clipboard or bmp file)
  • 2、spatial data operation (from the text to create point shape from point data set to create Thiessen polygons, etc.)
  • 3、visualization and query (Figure investigation and attribute queries)
  • 4、cartography (map movie was not clear what function)
  • 5、EDA
  • 6、Spatial Statistics

Detailed functionality:

Another related teaching materials:

Interested can have the time to learn next.

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