Period of time did not update the blog more things at home, and has recently been prepared to Donkey Figure ( to rewrite the original Donkey Figure mainly provide google some interesting satellite images after because the moonlight Forumthings, it was always how maintenance and termination of the run to the final, but still kept with the domain name. Some time ago with the waterfall stream popular photo site, consider ready to rewrite DONKEYS, instead going to do collect pictures about attractions, natural or combined with GIS do, but before the stage will naturally avoid seeing any About the GIS map.

Time dedicated to write about technical solutions, but also relatively simple, mainly crawl attractions data, and do address matching, then pursuant to match the latitude and longitude photo site to obtain the corresponding latitude and longitude of the surrounding pictures (provided that these pictures in the photo when you are carrying a GPS information), so dONKEYS re-released. Technically is still with my favorite python + the django simple practical convenience, I also do not need to run how efficient, after all, is their favorite station built up, it should be not too much traffic. However, even though the flow, I believe the nginx + gunicorn should deal with more than enough. Late database ready to migrate to the postgis on, so you can do more spatial analysis and image analysis, even if the picture is not with the latitude and longitude information, can match the corresponding attractions, this should be very cool.


Now the site is still in the stage in grasping data daily the amount of data that is not caught, caught the country’s complete estimates should need some days, there are a lot of pictures are garbage pictures, have to manually re-treatment, there are some other the attractions do match had artificial proofreading, really nice time-consuming thing, come slowly. 1.7w multiple attractions, do not know to get the time to go.

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