• lvtumap.com

    Period of time did not update the blog more things at home, and has recently been prepared to Donkey Figure (lvtumap.com) to rewrite the original Donkey Figure mainly provide google some interesting satellite images after because the moonlight Forumthings, it was always how maintenance and termination of the run to the final, but still kept with the domain nam...阅读全文
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  • mongodb non-normal shutdown can not start up

    Morning server is not clear why suddenly restart, after the restart, the mongodb actually did not start up normally, immediately view log results to find the non-normal shutdown have led the mongodb some files did not write, resulting in the formation of the relevant lock. Looked at the official document, it should be no problem, enter: the mongodb - repair, a...阅读全文
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  • server migration on linode

    Today Linode in Fremont server becomes very slow, the ssh, etc. even up for a lost, can not stand, thinking to move to Japan will be better. Linode provide the service really isvery good, relatively smooth transfer of the engine room. The main steps are as follows: 1, the contents of the backup server, including website and database. If you believe in100% data...阅读全文
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  • Ubuntu 12.04 LST version can be updated

    Ubuntu 12.04 LST version can be updated
    Ubuntu 12.04 version can be updated, the new version of LST, meaning up to 5 years of support until a version in 2017, so we can be assured to update the stable version. Updated through the Update Manager or apt-get upgrade. Modify the / etc / apt / sources.list from the source of your most recent place to add to the file, then run sudo update and upgrade the ...阅读全文
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  • monitor site health with python

    monitor site health with python
    Use of python convenience class library, you can easily and quickly on site health monitoring, including on port 80 (ie, the site is running on port), the other tcp port monitor can understand the server about a health, use of librarymainly for urllib2 and the socket. 1、 monitor port 80 or any other sites running on port, such as tomcat, nginx, iis. Relativel...阅读全文
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  • install latest version mongodb on ubuntu

    install latest version mongodb on ubuntu
    ubuntu installed on the mongodb this can be installed directly via sudo apt-get install on the mongodb, but the source version of ubuntu is much lower than the actual mongodb version, it is necessary to get the latest version from mongodb the 10gen to install, the installation process need to 10genadd the path to the apt-get source list and key access. The ins...阅读全文
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  • python to achieve data and mysql backup on Ubuntu

    python to achieve data and mysql backup on Ubuntu
    Python control script on the Ubuntu server deployed today to continue the backup of dataand mysql. Day today, the phone will receive punctual server sent by mail, reports,memory and hard drive information, found that 512 of the memory really is more difficult,the use of memory for a while ran more than 400 M. was thinking about to see if you canrerun a mongodb...阅读全文
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  • Syntax Highlighter for WordPress code highlighting

    Syntax Highlighter for WordPress code highlighting
    After you installed wordpress, the ape as a program to write about things without aproper code highlighting IDE viewer, how to look very awkward. The online investigationhighlighted on the wordpress plug-ins or a lot. Domestic foreign a search in the background. But finally took a fancy to this syntax the highlighter written in Japanese,looked very good, suppo...阅读全文
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