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HiMap is mainly based on the HTML5 + javascript + css3 to achieve a simple GIS platform, online map for off-line or a small amount of data displayed. Data layer: Offline to provide geojson, or by accessing the server through the the postgis storage vector file, and then real-time access to the surface features corresponding to the current range of returned to the client and generate geojson file. The logic layer: completely original raw javascript, including map projection and map vector dynamic rendering, geojson resolution, plotted. Presentation layer: the UI based on the HTML5 + css3. Map drawing canvas based plotting to use css3. The HTML5 draw advantages: http://www.higis.org/2012/04/27/html5-canvas-improve-gis/

Develop Log

2012-06-02 to achieve the map to enlarge, shrink, pan, zoom down box, pull box shrink the global display. 2012-06-05 realization the map projection and geojson of drawing, the scale of the calculation, the Zoom Level calculation, the current latitude and longitude display.

HiMap:目前有2 条留言

  1. 沙发

    Canvas绘制方式地图拖动还是有明显的延时; 交互性如何才能提高?

    2012-07-02 %I:%M %p [回复]
    • H.J:

      考虑通过imagedata进行绘制,在大数据量时的效率应该要高很多。var imgdata = ctx.getImageData(0, 0, width, height),
      data = imgdata.data;

      2012-07-02 %I:%M %p [回复]