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Project Description

DONKEYS collection of travel photos and pictures related attractions for everyone, so the picture from the Internet will be able to find their favorite attractions, or feelings of others kind scenery photographed attractions. View attractions pictures, we can share their travel experience, or review shooting beauty photos, or through the microblogging to share with friends. Attractions data from Sohu travel site should contain most of the attractions. Late to consider joining the world’s more famous attractions.

Development log

2012-10-01: Sohu website Attractions the data crawling storage and start using google geo api latitude and longitude of address match first. 2012-10-16: flicker search api second latitude and longitude of address match, get a precise match to high default to the corresponding address. google match manual audit, flicker match encounter incorrect slowly anti audit back. 2012-10-25: python + django structures waterfall stream-based site layout model design, page url set. 2012-11-01: based the login access Website of the sina oauth2.0 microblogging and generate the corresponding user to log in [foreign server, after abandon the use of Sina microblogging Login Sina microblogging audit more difficult, instead of QQ micro ] Bo Login. Based on the python reference the original Sina code to achieve the the QQ oauth2.0 programming microblogging login access, can be directly forwarded to picture QQ microblogging. 2012-11-05: Fix related ajax dynamic loading pictures bug, add the user page, add administrator user operation function. 2012-11-08: Pictures automatic daily tasks write python script to crawl write python script log segmentation, server status monitoring, automatic backup of the server database \ program, sitemap automatically generated garbage pictures deleted automated scripts. 2012-11-12: deployment on the server a django + gunicorn + nginx + mysql + ubuntu and commissioning on-line. 2012-11-13: Pictures crawl python script to modify, add face recognition to someone like automatic filter and set as spam pictures to reduce the amount of manual review. 2012-11-16: modify picture python crawl script, reducing the number of each attraction crawl of the number and the size of the query radius around to maximize daily crawl attractions. Crawl speed is somewhat slow. May need to grab all the attractions at least 1 to 2 months, it is time to try to set a larger daily crawl afraid flicker’ll closure ip.等您坐沙发呢!