• Python Scripting for ArcGIS

    Python Scripting for ArcGIS
    Period of time did not work, so it has not been updated website. Internet and looked at the news, see the new book of Python for ArcGIS Although expensive, a little outrageous, 80 knives, Amazon have 50 knives, but to see the introduction for the related the ArcGIS base and data processing flow experience, so it should be belong to a relatively high degree of ...阅读全文
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  • esri goes on github

    esri goes on github
    Two members on Github the the esri and the arcgis two accounts will GISer bring more open source code. ESRI account for more of the day-to-day application of some code, arcgis more for some of the code for the platform. Now appears that ESRI should have been the targeted release of some project code. esri account: esri.js esri-heatmap.js geojson-utils arcgi...阅读全文
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  • Jack answer questions on 2012 Esri User Conference

    Jack answer questions on  2012 Esri User Conference
    Some of the questions on this year’s ESRI User Conference. Q: What is the meaning of this year’s User Conference theme, “GIS – Opening our World?” We always come up with a new theme to help us sell t-shirts, mugs and mouse pads. Q: What are the current trends in the GIS world and what is Esri’s strategy with respect to them? Here are the current trends w...阅读全文
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  • ArcgisEngine’s UnknownCoordinateSystem

    ArcgisEngine’s UnknownCoordinateSystem
    arcgis engine. development, sometimes it does not confirm what the coordinate system, so the default setting an empty coordinate system. If you do not set shp file is created you will be prompted coordinate system creation failed. So empty a coordinate system on the coordinates is created is not clear for what data is necessary. When the layer is added to the ...阅读全文
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