• blink on html5

    Idle to write the play of a game, mainly based on the html5 + div, the game is very simple, that is, 3 surface corresponding to the ship will appear randomly different boat moored to the port in order to score, the user can click on the ship, drawingany route of the ship, the ship collision, collision, game over. The ship’s automatic generation, and spli...阅读全文
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  • List of JS game engines

    List of JS game engines
    on github wiki to find about html5 game development engine list, very good, worth recommending. Try to the next Sprite.js still feel pretty good, some of the major game developers, animation, scene, object and so do a good package, and do some small game this is almost enough. Other too much, there is no detail to see, first try to find a hand, estimates shoul...阅读全文
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