• Geocoding and anti-coding ,YQL Geo Library

    Geocoding and anti-coding ,YQL  Geo Library
    YQL of Geo Library is a free geocoding and geographic anti-coding js library, and google is similar, but provide a good interface and use. And it is a collection of many api interface, include the following: Yahoo Placemaker Yahoo GeoPlanet jsonip.appspot.com IP location tools W3C Geo location Flickr.places.findByLatLon This js library, we can easily use the...阅读全文
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  • GIS js framework of the jQuery of Geo

    In addition to the google map api outside, there are many very good GIS the js mapframework, and the number of frameworks have started a new technology, includinghtml5 and mobile applications. Following the jQuery of Geo is one of them. Jquery of Geo has just released a new version of the Alpha 4 is mainly optimized formobile bugs, and provides more mode to me...阅读全文
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