• Maplace.js,plugin for google map

    Maplace.js is a plugin based on jQuery, mainly for their own integration google map map on the website, if you are tired of the view google map api (V3), you can try to use the plug-in, it can easily be integrated into the google map to your site and provide a lot of very used functions. Such as support for tagging, menu navigation display, different Tab pages...阅读全文
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  • World Wonders Project for history lesson

    Google “World Wonders Project” is a platform for the world heritage of the modern and the ancient world of online. Google’s Street View technology, 3 d modeling, photos, video and in-depth information, you can from your classroom to explore the wealth of the world. There are many interesting location can be used to explore the site, including...阅读全文
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  • googlemap offline mapping mode for Android smartphones

    googlemap will start within the next few weeks for the Android phone client-side offline map. The functionality provided may not be particularly full, but it should be a basic path of inquiry is still there. But at least let the little people of those of us who traffic with offline map can save a lot of traffic to us. Another google will add some new features,...阅读全文
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  • Possible Data Sources in Apple’s iOS Map

    According to credible sources, Apple is on the subsequent development of iOS6 focus will be to build a complete map of the internal application to see on the website fromabroad. Apple will give up as the background of the map program data from 2007support has been. More choices OSM, the LeadDog or other data sources, in iPhotoprocedures, we might be able to se...阅读全文
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  • GMap3,the js framework of GIS

    Normally we used to use the google the map api carry out the google map of development, but in fact we have other options, Gmap3 is one of them, it is based on the google the map api carried out the repackaging, provide a more favorable interface and implementation, so thateasier to achieve a lot of complex functions based on the google map api. Js framework, ...阅读全文
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  • Indoor map, no longer visit could not find North

    Indoor map, no longer visit could not find North
    With the introduction of Google’s indoor map, let us re-recognize the map is no longer theonly cognitive surface features of the surrounding geography, man-made ​​architectural layout Google to get a Google map, but some worried that these large amounts of dataand update thehow to maintain, is it from building a vector of Figure ….. be a dauntingpr...阅读全文
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