• Maplace.js,plugin for google map

    Maplace.js is a plugin based on jQuery, mainly for their own integration google map map on the website, if you are tired of the view google map api (V3), you can try to use the plug-in, it can easily be integrated into the google map to your site and provide a lot of very used functions. Such as support for tagging, menu navigation display, different Tab pages...阅读全文
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  • OSM Buildings print 3d building on map

    The OSM Buildings is a js library for similar google map on a three-dimensional effect diagram, the library Leaflet map engine, three-dimensional realization of use HTML5 Canvas 2D achieve, you need to provide their own the corresponding building plans geographic data (OSM Get),effect still looks pretty good, that is, three-dimensional building data is difficu...阅读全文
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