• Cesium,WebGL mapping engine

    Just read the news come forward to say IE11 will fully support WebGL, WebGL will appear after both pc \ mobile \ pad and other circumstances related graphics program to achieve a good choice. And today introduced the Cesium is a javascript-based foreign webgl prepared using a map engine.   Cesium support 3D, 2D, 2.5D form of the map display, you can draw...阅读全文
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  • Html5 dynamic wind map

    Just saw this map, I really bit of a shock, really quite shocking. See the map of the flow direction of the upper hand, and different wind speed thematic display, really lamentingHtml5 really can replace flash. Efficiency in the browser is very good, and the map showthe flow of wind speed lines should also have more than several thousand, but theanimation is n...阅读全文
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